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Behind Serinda

So glad to know you've come this far, welcome!
Let me tell you something about her:
First things first, behind Serinda there is Serena.

Since she was a little girl she wanted to grow up inside a creative cloud far from common reality, trying to design the world as she wanted it.
I'd like to say that she had a lot of fun creating this creative bubble, but I have to admit instead that it helped her tremendously to jump over muddy ditches where, at the end, sunflowers eventually grew.
Leaving the long stories in a separate place, developing her artistic side has led her to be the person she is today.

Love for creation ⁄
Serena loves to create anything from scratch, over the years she has specialized in creating brand identity by giving voice to working realities through colours, letters and symbols. She believes in harmony of lines, power of elegance, complexity of simplicity and strength of sensitivity.
She is especially and above all a nature lover: according to her, she is honored to abide by the laws of nature and graphic design, all other laws may be a little tight on her. But we can deepen this separately, or not deepen it at all.

Studies and work experiences ⁄
She graduated in Design at the IUAV University in Venice at top speed to explore then different work realities that confirmed the right choice for her of deeping the creative world. Starting from the magical world of Moroso, where fabrics come to life creating dancing design pieces, to the island on the hill of Atelier Oi, where passion is breathed and projects of unique quality are exhaled. Then jumping between architecture and design studios, winning prizes in advertising agencies, she landed in Amsterdam, where she strengthened the experience of building brands.
Finally in 2020 opening her own studio made of passion, memories, future vision and family.

Dear reader,
that's it, for now.
I wish you serenity.

Serena ⁄ Serínda


*Picture of Pipe, Sebastian Herkner, Moroso
Photographer: Alessandro Paderni, Eye Studio