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Serinda's lines

I will try to introduce myself in a few lines telling about what I love, because in the end it is also what I am.
I love harmony in lines, I love power in elegance, I love precision in complexity, I love sensitivity in strength, I love freedom of expression and I am definitely a nature lover.

My world is divided and at the same time united by two great and fascinating disciplines: that of design and that of artistic gymnastics, both being part of my life from an early age.
I have a degree in Industrial Design, IUAV Architecture University of Venice 2016 and a diploma in artistic gymnastics as a national trainer & judge at F.I.G. and K.N.G.U.

These two worlds are closely related: designing means creating, it's pure expression of a sign, it's inventing the process that brings an idea to life; gymnastics is the study of pure lines that create the art of movement.
In 2019, moved by a still unexplainable instinct, I decided to move from Italy to the Netherlands and in 2020 I finally founded Serinda Design Studio:
I am a 360° freelance designer and a coach at the beautiful Turnz Amsterdam Gymnastics.

Sometimes following your instinct is the best choice you can ever make.
I warmly recommend you to follow your inner conscious, the way that I did, because it works in unknown ways to bring two uneven parts together.

Serena Cecconello ⁄ Serínda