What services do we offer?

Serinda's world revolves around brand creations and visual identity design.
We offer a wide range of services as we believe it is essential for every brand to have a consistent and unique brand identity.
We offer branding, logo design, print design, packaging design, website design as well as a social media brand identity and video animations.
Take a look at our packages below, see which one suits you best and book a free discovery call!
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Branding Packages

Brand Identity

you are a new or existing company or business aiming to stand out from the crowd with a timeless and thoughtful brand tailor-made for you.

• Brand strategy – brand values & voice, target market, competitor analysis, brand inspiration, one concept moodboard and a colour palette

• Full logo suite – main, (eventually) secondary and submark logos with additional brand marks

• Brand pattern – created from all brand elements for use across print, packaging and social media

• Brand guidelines – a document that details how to use your new branding effectively

• Watermarks – PNG files to watermark your brand imagery

• 2 revisions – the logo suite includes two revisions.
These are any significant changes to the design

According with revision and reworks, this whole project can take from 5 to 10 working days

€ 890
VAT excluded


you need a face. Yes, because the logo is what presents you and represents you. Without it your identity is still up in the air. So, let’s do it! And let’s do it right.

  • Primary logo: main graphic that represents your business and most often used. The primary logo goal is to communicate who you are, what you offer, or where you operate. This logo may include your company’s tagline, website, or geographic location.
  • Sub-mark or icon: a simplified version of the primary logo or an element that distinguishes it. This design may eliminate some text or rearrange the elements to improve readability in small sizes. Sub-marks are intended for online use or when you must resize your logo to small formats.
  • Logo usage guideline including:
    – Description of the logo
    – Typography and font
    – Space around the logo
    – Colors
    – Logo versions
    – Showcasing bad logo usage

We provide a brand new logo package in 5 working days

€ 350
VAT excluded

Printed Graphics

you are looking to create an unforgettable first impression through print

Branded on paper items:

• Gift voucher
• Business card
• Price list
• Appointment card
• Thank you card
• Stickers
• Swing tag

• Flyer
• Roll-up Banners

Each item comes with 2 revisions. These are any significant changes to the design.

Depending on the amount of material required and rework, the branded on paper project can take 2 to 4 working days

€ 190 – 290
VAT excluded


you have to create on-brand labels, mailers, fancy tapes, useful tote bags, shipping boxes or others… but hey, what we design has to be sustainable and eco friendly, otherwise we don’t do it: a better world starts with small changes

  • Tissue paper & Wrap Paper
  • Mailer & Boxes
  • Tote Bags & Paper bags
  • Masking Tape & Dispenser
  • Sustainable Coffee Cups … & much more

A well-defined packaging project can take from 3 to 5 working days

€ 290 – 350
VAT excluded

Digital Services

Social Media Content

you have an Instagram presence and are looking to achieve a more refined, coherent and on brand appearance

• 3 feed templates
• 3 story templates
• color palette indications
• Mock-up of your Instagram feed with all branded elements

2 revisions included: these are any significant changes to the design

We deliver your branded social media material in 5 working days.

€ 390
VAT excluded

Website Design

you need a custom website to showcase your products or services. Serinda Design Studio deals with web graphics, but on request we can provide a “click in hand” site thanks to our collaboration with our trusted and highly skilled developers. Please read our B Approach

Approach A: Design
According to your needs, we design a five-page responsive and tailor-made website.
We deliver five pages in desktop version and five in mobile version, to be developed by the customer.
• Homepage
• Services
• Specific Service
• About
• Contact
This service includes a review by us one week after the site is published.

Approach B: Design & Development
we select the suitable theme relying on “themeforest” for wordpress by Envato Market, we buy the theme and develop it and design it according to your needs, we deliver the site click in your hand.
This service includes two 30-minute explanatory lessons on how the site works.

Approach A: delivered in 6 working days
Approach B: delivered in 2 weeks

A: € 790
B: € 1990
VAT excluded

GIF & Animation

You want to target less attentive visitors to your page or social media accounts. When static visual content isn’t enough, animations come into play!
*We considered animation up to 5 seconds of motion graphics.

We deliver a GIF / Mp4 file with your content in motion.
2 revisions included: these are any significant changes to the design

Your content will be delivered in 2 working days.

€ 110-150
VAT excluded

Corporate Video

you need to tell and explain your company, your business or a specific project to your audience in an engaging way. The story you want to tell will be accompanied by music and possibly a voiceover.

To create your company video we start with:

  • finding the right stylistic tone of voice to represent you
  • creation of your Storyboard
  • animated video development, phase 1
  • incorporation of the video with music and voiceover, phase 2

2 revisions are included in the phase 1 and 1 revision is included in the phase 2.

A 1-minute video can be delivered, in accordance with the receipt of the voiceover in the right timing, in 7 working days.

€ 1190
VAT excluded

Last but not least…

Extra Services

Sportswear Design

you want to embrace the world of graphic design with that of fashion.

graphics, patterns and colors designed specifically to impress your audience. But be careful, impressing doesn’t mean exaggerating, sometimes it’s the detail that make the difference.
This service is very specific and can be very broad, it needs a prior discussion to better understand how we can help you.


Wallpaper Home Deco

You want to decorate a wall in your home or in your studio with a stunning piece.

A wallpaper is an adhesive paper that is applied to your home walls. It can be washable and waterproof and can represent anything, really anything you want or imagine: works of art, souvenir photos, stylized and personalized images.
It can have a vintage, modern, realistic or surrealistic, natural, floral, romantic spirit.
In short, a wallpaper is emotion.

  • Wallpaper creation and:
    Option A: we send you the file (big size, WeTransfer needed)
    Option B: we take care of the realization in collaboration with a specialized Swedish company and you receive the box at home containing the wallpaper, easy to install.

The creation of a Wallpaper can take 2 weeks: it’s a lot of graphic work and care. The realization in Sweden up to 1 week. Consider 3 weeks before having it beautifully installed into your walls.

€ 790 – 1790
VAT excluded


Why Branding is so important...

Branding is a relationship and the brand creates a bond: customers look at your identity and want to get in touch with it.
Have you ever thought about it? Which bottle of wine do you choose if you don't know the product? The one that has the label that communicates you the most.
This is branding: fascinating, but definitely not that easy.
Therefore people need emotional navigation, and brand identity is what you can see and what you can hear.
Your brand is your identity.
At Serinda Studio we aren’t just specialized in creating brands, we LOVE to create them.
Tell us who you are, in detail, we will listen fascinated.
Eventually you'll find that one of those details will be the leitmotif of your beautiful new brand.

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