Creation of the Beamtango international Challenge website.

“BEAMTANGO© is an innovative study of precise lines, dynamism, fluid and harmonic movements, elegant gestures, high concentration and controlled power.

Everything is combined together in a newly designed choreography of 3.10 minutes on tango music specially composed for this project. The gymnast has to maintain concentration without getting unbalanced or falling and seeking constant and fluent movement without pauses or interruptions. With a combination of elements and inspiration from different disciplines, from classic ballet, tango movements and artistic gymnastics, we have created something new and unique to help gymnasts have more confidence, steadiness, grace and fun on this highly difficult apparatus.”

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  • Project
    Web Graphics
  • Year
  • Client
    TURNZ Amsterdam Gymnastics
  • Choreographer
    Serena Cecconello
  • Gymnast
    Chiara Pinna