Innatural Collection

The innatural collection takes its name from the concepts of industrial + natural melted together: the idea of this project was to create simple and well defined shapes by combining together raw, untreated and imperfect materials.
For this series of tables has been recovered marine wood and its characteristics, colors, shades and pores due to salt erosion have been emphasized. Each piece of wood tells its own fascinating story.
The umbrella stand is created entirely in iron and the visible brass-welds characterize its rough impression.
Minimalistic concept with a smart vision, where the essential and geometrical form follows finally the function: particular attention reserved for smaller umbrellas; they deserve a safe place in the umbrella stands too!
The entire collection was presented at the “Design Zone” 2016 edition, in Portopiccolo, Trieste, Italy.

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    Private Project
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    Product Design & Prototyping

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