The “My August Japanese Garden” is the largest Japanese garden in northeastern Italy, a project made by the art designer Bibanart, as well as my dear friend Ivan Pressi.

This garden, as Ivan says, was born from a great passion for the Oriental Arts; the desire to create a magical place to relax and where to get inspiration for new projects. Plants, trees, flowers, paws, little lakes and wooden bridges will surprise you in every season.

 In the garden it is possible to walk a meditative path divided into three areas. Starting from the Karesansui area (the rock garden), that is a place of meditation where water is replaced by gravel. Passing through the Roji path (a dew path) which is formed by pebbles that leads the visitor to a collected area where the tea ceremony takes place. And finally, the Kaiyu Shiki Teien. Here the guest can follow a carefully delineated path to stop and look at the various types of plants and Japanese-style details that are curated by the owner.

Surrounded by beautiful flowers such as those of the Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis, the Loropetalum, or the cherry trees such as the Sakura Maestro, it is possible to be enchanted also by the sound of water. 

MAJG in fact also houses a natural swimming pool with several beautiful Koi carps, in which it is also possible to dive and swim, and waterfalls created by the same artist with the help of the legendary father Mario.

The garden is fascinating in all seasons, for you can admire different colors determined by the different blooms, but you can also perceive different emotions and moods deriving from different temperatures and climatic conditions:

buddah stone statue in japanese garden, autumn leaves, yellow colors

Autumn will give you a sense of quiet and positive melancholy; Spring, on the other hand, is a whirlwind of colors and scents and will infuse us with greater joy and energy.

Enjoy the magic

Themed evenings are even more magical: in the MAJG, evenings and events of different types are organized such as the Tibetan bells, yoga courses, meditation courses, concerts, but also tasting of local delicacies and much, much more.

The study of night lights has been studied and meticulously curated by Ivan, building with his hands lamps and wooden structures such as bridges, houses and space divisors that will leave you amazed with their effect.

In short, a visit to San Giorgio di Nogaro to see the My August Japanese Garden is a must!

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